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Trailer Units

This is a very upmarket unit it offers you a gents and ladies cubical.

They are durable, economical, convenient, self-contained and can be placed almost anywhere.

Standard features include toilet roll holder, hand wash basin, soap dispenser, mirror, interior lighting.

Portable Toilets

*Flushing & Non    flush toilets.

*Tank -200Lt

*Can be supplied  with urinal or hand wash basin &soap dispenser.

Extra – Hand towels can be supplied on you requested.

Hand wash stations

  • No of soap dispensers = 2
  • No of hand wash basins = 2
  • Clean water tank capacity =380Lt
  • Waste capacity= 380Lt

Urinal stations

  • no of Urinals = 3
  • waste capacity =380Lt
  • flushing tank capacity =380Lt

Guard huts

Our guard hut is design especially to accommodate your guards as well as protect them from the weather


Our showers unit is easy to use and is designed to accommodate all outdoor events.

It requires running water and is easy to connect.

Cleaning Products