Cleaning Products

Feminine Hygiene & Sanitary Waste

  • Zamalec provides an all-in-one sanitary waste collection and disposal service where sanitary (SHE) bins are provided in each cubicle at the client facility to collect and store waste hygienically and safely.
  • Collects waste from bins on a regularly base or monthly frequency , clean disinfect the bins and replace the bin liner and disinfecting agent is used.
  • Lastly we remove the waste from the site in discrete SHE bags /containers and disposes of it the legally manner.
  • There will be a safe disposal issued every month.


Bathroom Hygiene 

  • Zamalec have a range of bathroom hygiene to suit all types of organisations- whether large or small with premises open or closed the public.
  • Deep cleaning is a manual abrasive cleaning process that ensures scale in toilet and urinal pipes are removed preventing blockage and flooding from occurring.


General office cleaning and waste management

  • Daily cleaning of offices.
  • Our staff is fully trained and reliable.
  • All Zamalec on-site cleaning staff are neatly dressed in uniforms and necessary ppe.
  • We delivery monthly reports.
  • Zamalec offers a waste removal services to assist in environmental goals of your establishment.